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November 24, 2020

Where to Shop on Small Business Saturday

The holiday shopping season is sure to look and feel a bit different this year. But, while it may be tempting to avoid shops altogether and do all of your gift-buying online, there’s more reason than ever this year to get out and about on Small Business Saturday. The weekend after Thanksgiving, small businesses around the area will roll out the sales and the welcome mat for holiday shoppers. With the pandemic hitting independently owned shops especially hard, the holiday rush will be the vital boost that many need. And luckily, there are plenty of small businesses to support right near your The Hamilton apartment.

One standout is Bookhaven, a longtime independent bookseller that has been a staple in the Fairmount neighborhood for nearly 25 years. While it may be tempting to simply turn to online retailers for gifts like books, investing your holiday dollars in the local community instead is the way to go. You can do your part to help keep this local institution thriving despite the challenges of 2020, all while getting the small bookstore experience—aisles packed to the ceiling with books, friendly service and cozy chairs where shoppers are welcomed to kick back and explore the titles (socially distanced, of course!).

Bookhaven, six blocks from your The Hamilton apartment, specializes in used books across a range of genres: from the newest fiction hits to classic literature, and from sci-fi to social commentary. Grab some comics for the collector in your life, philosophy books for your college-aged sibling and some poetry to impress your special someone. With the deep discounts on the selections, you can even get some guilt-free gifts for yourself.

The holiday is always an important way for shoppers to give back to the local community and, this season more than any other, is a great time to say thanks to the merchants who could use our support.


2202 Fairmount Ave.

Philadelphia, PA 19130