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October 1, 2020

Where to Get Fresh Produce Near Home

As health concerns remain a top priority, many of us have shifted how we do our food shopping and adapted to new safety protocols. While trips to the grocery store may be fewer and farther between, you can still get fresh food right near your The Hamilton apartment, all while remaining safe and socially distant, as you’re located just minutes from one of the region’s most renowned food markets.

The Fairmount Farmers Market is a local favorite, situated right across from the Eastern State Penitentiary on Fairmount Avenue, six blocks from your The Hamilton apartment. In operation for more than 15 years, the market is held every Thursday afternoon, providing the perfect opportunity to stock up on all of the fresh ingredients you need for a weekend of (socially distanced!) get-togethers at your The Hamilton apartment. Most local farmers markets are held on the weekends, so the unique timeframe of this event allows shoppers to fill up on anything they need before the weekend rush.

The market features a half-dozen vendors that set up shop weekly, as well as a handful that rotate throughout the month, so you should make return engagements to see all that’s available. Featured vendors include several that offer fresh fruits and vegetables straight from the local farm, gourmet baked goods, a malthouse, coffee and cold brew, fresh bread, and wine and kombucha—all made locally.

Given the pandemic, the market has implemented a few new protocols. The first half-hour of the event, starting at 3 p.m., is reserved for seniors and those who are immunocompromised, and shoppers can also pre-order from all six weekly vendors to cut down on shopping time. As a plus, the market is located right along one of the busiest shopping corridors in the area. Many of the independently owned restaurants and shops have been challenged through the pandemic and, now that busines is starting to get back to normal, this is a great time to give back to local merchants.

So swing by the shops along the avenue and then fill up your bags at the market before heading back to your The Hamilton apartment with all of your finds!

Fairmount Farmers Market

22nd Street and Fairmount Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19130