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October 15, 2020

Support This Newly Opened Local Restaurant

Opening a restaurant is a challenge. Opening a restaurant in the middle of a global pandemic is an entirely different obstacle. But that’s just what dozens of new local eateries near your The Hamilton apartment have done this year, defying the odds and getting creative when it comes to showcasing their culinary skill while keeping their patrons safe. We’ve all been stuck at home for quite some time so, now that things are starting to get a bit back to normal, this is the perfect time to get out and about and see how the local restaurant scene has changed.

A great place to do that is at The Lucky Well, a half-mile from your The Hamilton apartment. The restaurant, which opened this summer, is one Spring Garden’s most hotly anticipated new spots and is the sister restaurant of the same-named popular venues in Ambler and Warrington. The Philly location specializes in all things barbeque—so if you’re already missing summer, this is a great place to visit!

Unlike the suburban locations, our version of The Lucky Well features true Memphis-style barbecue: counter-service where you can walk right up, place your order and dive in a few minutes later; unlike the traditional sit-down restaurants, this guarantees diners the freshest, hottest and juiciest cuts of meat, cooked on a wood-burning broiler straight from Texas. The restaurant is offering outdoor dining as well as takeout and delivery of its limited menu but will be expanding in the current months.

The current options include dry-rubbed ribs, brisket, pork shoulder, smoked chicken, sausage, wings and much more, served as platters and on sandwiches. Even if you’re not a carnivore, you can get set with salads brimming with tons of locally sourced veggies. The Lucky Well also features a wide range of whiskey drinks, as well as craft brews and wines.

If you’ve gotten weary of ordering pizza or hitting up the same local spots, check out Rosalie for a new way to support local businesses.

The Lucky Well

990 Spring Garden St.

Philadelphia, PA 19123