January 1, 2019

Shake Up Your Fitness Routine Around the Neighborhood

At The Hamilton, our residents are hard workers. As an apartment community created with efficient lifestyles in mind, we have more of what really matters—including a state-of-the-art fitness center that’s always bustling with the clanks of weights and the buzz of treadmills. But every now and then, fitness routines can become too familiar, and you’ll find yourself craving a change in your regimen.

Looking for ways to spice up your workout routine to supplement to your fitness center visits? These activities and challenges near our home base in Philadelphia’s Logan Square are your answer. If you’re new to the city or looking to familiarize yourself with the neighborhood, these outdoor activities are sure to get you going.


Run with a View

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Running on the treadmill is a classic workout, but it can get repetitive. A change of scenery helps keep your mind engaged while you exercise. Take an easy run along Kelly Drive for a scenic view of the Schuylkill River, and breathe in the fresh air as you run past the glistening water and remarkable sculptures.

Have a dog living with you in our pet-friendly community? Bring them along with you for the jog—they’ll love the exercise, and you’ll love the company.


Sculpt Yourself

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Looking for a beautiful outdoor pilates space? Grab your mat and your favorite pilates podcast and walk to the back of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where you’ll find the Anne d’Harnoncourt sculpture garden. Working next to these dynamic sculptures will motivate you to push your moves and sculpt those abs.


Take a Mural Jog

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Philadelphia is home to more than 3,600 beautiful murals, including this one down the street from The Hamilton. You can plan a walking tour of the famous Mural Arts Program’s sites across the city, or you can step up the cardio on your own personalized jog. Strap your running shoes on and follow one of these maps for a self-guided running tour across the city.


Get Your Zen On

Pack up your mat and head over to Fairmount Park’s Azalea Garden, just behind the Art Museum on Kelly Drive, for a calming yoga session. Surrounded by tall trees and bushes, you’ll feel like you’ve left the city for a quiet oasis. Savasana has never felt so good!


Step It Up

Running up the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps is a classic Philly fitness regimen. It’s hard not to enjoy putting on your Rocky face, climbing those 72 steps, and pumping your fists in the air in total glory (though the last part is optional).

But let’s take it up a notch. Use the rigorous incline for a variety of muscle-engaging exercises, like leg jumps, bear crawls, and weighted runs. Check out these ten workouts from Philadelphia Magazine that are designed for the Rocky steps.


Bonus: Grocery Challenge

Get your workout and your groceries done in one go. Leave the car or bike at home, grab your hefty grocery bags, and walk (or run) over to your local Whole Foods, just five blocks away on Pennsylvania Avenue. Stock up on the heavy necessities, like a gallon of milk and canned goods—anything with extra weight.

Then, walk those groceries home and break a sweat as you go. Take it a step further—add some lunges or dead weights with the bags. Make sure to pick up some takeout on your way back, though—you might be too tired to cook when you get home.

Variety is essential to maintaining a good workout routine. These exercises will keep you on your toes and near your apartment. But if it gets too chilly or you’re not in the mood to step outside, the fitness center at The Hamilton will always be here waiting for you. See it for yourself when you book a tour online.