August 8, 2018

Putting on the Finishing Touches at The Hamilton

As we get closer to completing the first phase of our new apartment community, we thought we’d give our neighbors and residents a sneak peek of what happens behind the scenes.

At The Hamilton, our team ranges from our leasing staff at the office to every person who has worked on the building since demolition and construction began back in July 2017. Today, we want to give our construction crew the spotlight.

We spoke to Tommy “Toes” Bogdan, a member of our construction team since January 2018. Born in Trenton, New Jersey, Bogdan has worked in the Philadelphia and New Jersey area for 18 years. He currently works with Carpenters Local 254, a New Jersey building trades union.

Tommy “Toes” Bogdan, third from the right, stands with his coworkers.

“I started out on the panel crew doing interior panels, and then I went to exterior panels. I was doing everything from directing the crane [to] welding panels,” said Bogdan. “Now, I’ve jumped over and I’m working for the general contractor [GC] crew.”

He also explained that his new assignment includes monitoring safety and other miscellaneous jobs.

“We’re working on all of the loose ends,” Bogdan states. “Basically whatever is top-priority.”

Bogdan also commented on the uniqueness of The Hamilton’s overall design and structure. He stated that many of the construction workers aren’t used to working alongside the large variety of trades involved in this project.

Bogdan directing the crane where the panels should be placed.

“I’ve done some kind of work like this before, but never with so many different trades working all at once,” he remarked with a chuckle.

It feels just like yesterday that The Hamilton was just an empty lot and a big idea. From the first blueprint to the last coat of paint, we’re proud of our hard work and everyone who has helped us along the way.

Bogdan welds panels onsite.

We ended our chat by asking Bogdan if he and the rest of the construction crew had a message for our current and future residents.

“A lot of guys put in their best efforts and a lot of hours, from all aspects of different trades,” Bogdan states. “I hope their living experiences are enjoyable and safe, and that everything works out well for them.”

Thank you, Tommy, and thank you to the rest of our construction team that has worked tirelessly on The Hamilton. We couldn’t open our doors without you!

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